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Disturbed live - Get "The Lost Children" this Tuesday!


Disturbed live - Get "The Lost Children" this Tuesday!
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fkn92tech's picture

I was wondering that who is the man who is carrying this body. This seems weird..

deep web's picture

wooow awesome post disturbed i found u by this website

Nawalinka's picture

disturbed are awesome! have POWER! Nice flame photo!

Angela995's picture

I actually don't listen to heavy metal, but this bend is really something else. Can't wait to watch them live in Jan! Great photo, by the way! :D

Nawalinka's picture

good photo! waiting for another live show!

Maxpayne's picture

Awesome pic, I’ve always dreamed of that kind of detail with flames behind me in a shot. These guys make great music, and I always find myself returning to their best tracks when I grow tired of the faux music nonsense they’re making nowadays.

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Sheriden's picture

Indeed the show was very much lively and I should say the very big concert I ever attended. This is truly a tribute to the ones who happened to lost at a very small age. Hats off to the authors for putting the strain and effort.

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