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Battle Creek, MI


Battle Creek, MI
Battle Creek, MI
Kellogg Arena
Mon, 2011-03-28
March 28, 2011
Battle Creek


faygohook's picture

Last nights show in Saginaw was great. Front row of the pit was definitely lots of fun. Tomorrow is going to be awesome. I love shows at Kellogg Arena, they are so intense.

faygohook's picture

Wish I knew how to score a meet and greet spot. Disturbed is my favorite, and I think Mr. David Draiman is a brilliant, intelligent lyricist and an amazing (often overlooked) vocalist.
So looking forward to another awesome show though. Time to fly my devil horns high and help show our appreciation to the bands on stage.

deadlyangel36's picture

Hell yea I am gonna be there on the 28th To see Korn and Disturbed Live! anyone sitting In row 296? lol thats prolly not a good seat at all >_<

Mst3kIndestructible's picture

Very much looking forward to having Kellogg Arena and all us fans getting rocked by this show! I gotta say though, I'd love a bit of a change in setlist. We all love the singles, but we here them all the time. I'd love for the setlist to be changed up a bit, maybe include some new songs that you haven't played yet. (You've barely touched Asylum, other than the radio singles.) And maybe play some songs from The Sickness that we haven't heard in years, maybe "Want" or "Violence Fetish." Maybe even "Droppin' Plates." After all, the title of the tour is in that song. Disturbed is my all time favorite band, and I love seeing you guys over and over again! I'm just saying I'd love to here some stuff that's not a "staple" of the setlist over the past 11 years. As always though, Disturbed has the BEST stage show of any band out there!

JeremyTrent's picture

Disturbed and Korn are gonna rock Michigan's fucking face off! I am sooo excited not to mentione Sevendust and In This Moment! FUCK YES.......look out for me on the floor because I am gonna break some goddamned faces that night!!!!

GigaBowser86's picture

I'm goin', plain and simple.

DrakonRexsoul's picture

Just got the Tix on Monday. Can't wait, my first Disturbed Live!

vicrok77's picture

this will be awesome. Hoping Bury Your Dead and Tension Head could join this ticket or venue...

dawncrofoot's picture

I love Disturbed, everytime that they come to town I am there. I am always amazed by the show that they put on. I can not wait to see them again.

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