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Bogota, Colombia


Bogota, Colombia
Bogota, Colombia
Downtown Majestic
Sun, 2011-08-21
August 21, 2011


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Thanks for taking the time to discuss and share this with us, I for one feel strongly about it and really enjoyed learning more about this topic. I can see that you possess a degree of expertise on this subject, I would very a lot like to hear much more from you on this subject matter – I have bookmarked this page and will return soon to hear additional about it.

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Thank u very much DISTURBED for that Great and Exciting show!!! We're very thankful for all the passion and power that u gave us that crazy night. I'm sure that everybody felt your songs and we gave u all the possible energy. So we're here waiting u for the next coming, this will be much better because i'm sure the people will say others the Fucking which was that night, and u promised it too. WE ALL ARE DISTURBED!!!

MarianaCAD's picture

Awesome Show! Really Powerfullll, And actually Fuckin' Amazin'!!!! We'll be ready for u to come back with more brothers and sisters!!

freezer's picture

It was a great experience that I never expect.
Amazing!!! congratulations a great show

Chris Ash's picture

Damn yeah!... i'll be there in front of u guys!!.. i can't f**** wait!!!! :D

Liz Ovburg's picture

Please!!! play Land of confusion!! such an excellent song! kind of related to colombia jajaj :S doesn´t matter! its just perfect! please!! play it!

sarco's picture

hpta como me consigo las voletas ??

Behemoth0089's picture

So at last Disturbed in Colombia! Got the ticket now waiting for August 21th to see you live!
Can't wait!

Sparticus Rex III's picture

If only I could recommend to the band the delicious foods that Colombia has to offer. Bandeja Paisa, or the delicious Milojas or even Colombiana and Postobon, I think that would make their first trip to the continent all that more enjoyable! ROCK COLOMBIA TO IT'S CORE!

uncaminantediurno1988's picture

por fin después de tanto tiempo, ya tengo mi ticket. bienvenidos a Colombia....

pipex355's picture

See no se puede faltar!!

nNFL's picture

por fin le les dio por venir!!!!
bienvenidos sean a Colombia

elwoodlapulga's picture

come to Puerto Rico!!! please

Carolina's picture

Comparto el comentario anterior... que emocionnnnnn yeeeaaaa!!!! please, the list songs
estoy en cuenta regresiva, alla estaree i love you

juljab's picture

Que emocion tan hp, no faltare por nada.

VIMA's picture

I cant believe it! Im so glad to know it.
Welcome to Colombia Guys

teammclaren01's picture

the only i can say is.........thanks a lot
Que chimba que disturbed este en colombia alla nos vemos.

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latinrocker's picture

More than 11 fuckin` years waiting for you, I`ll see you very soon, Welcome to Colombia, South American Rocks!!!

Atlético / Nacional Champion

rockerandres's picture

shiiiiitttttt its so freaking cool u guys are comin' to Colombia have to go deben ir todos!!!!!

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