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Council Bluffs, IA


Council Bluffs, IA
Council Bluffs, IA
Mid America Center
Thu, 2011-03-24
March 24, 2011
Council Bluffs


Red_Disturbed_Dragon's picture

was best show in the fucking world ^m^c keep it rocking dudes

DrWakk's picture

Been listening to Disturbed since their days on Seen them in small and big halls, outside, and soon at the MAC. $5 off for the first 1000 ticket buyers tomorrow, Sat 10 am according to Sophia John on 89.7 FM The River. Get 'em cheap...

fudderdudder's picture

saw em in august it was freaking amazing and seein em again soon!!! \m/

105211105211's picture

i can't wait to hear ASYLUM!!!!!!!

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