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San Bernardino, CA


San Bernardino, CA
San Bernardino, CA
San Manuel Amphitheater
Sat, 2011-07-09
July 09, 2011
San Bernardino


sad1234's picture

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pandawill's picture

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DisturbedDarlinaa's picture

you guys gotta come down to vegas!!! <3333

kiran.kolli's picture

Waiting from decades for this!!!

UrbanInfection's picture

Already got my tickets and cant wait to see you guys for the first time!!!!

HMFFluffy's picture

i wont be able to buy them online so i hope theirs tickets being sold at the venue or anywhere else

HMFFluffy's picture

im going to start saving my money right now.

5150Mike's picture

@Breakfast221 on sale to the public is April 28th but if you go to you can by them through there. You will need to create an account first. Good luck I'll see you there. I'm in the Pit!!!!!!!!!!

Breakfast221's picture

Are tickets sold out or not on sale yet?

chrisd635's picture

oh yaaaaaaaaaa i'll be there

GritaLaMario's picture

Cant wait.... yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

donnysn's picture

Tickets need to hurry up and go on sale

By the by if i remember correctly they go on sale in April


Cerberus13's picture

@asylumescapee: can you confirm that please?! im trying to get tickets for the San Bernardino event. how much does it cost?

r1t1l1n_dem0n's picture

This is my hometown! Blows that I don't live there no more. I'm states away!

kamaznio's picture

I'll be there and can't wait!!

asylumescapee's picture

@heyfit: i've got the date as April 8th when tickets for the San Bernardino show will go on sale.

heyfit's picture

Hi! Is there any date to buy tickets on this venue??

akara's picture

OMG I can't wait to see you guys!!! Godsmack is a good 2nd headliner... but you guys are the best!

Sooo sad I'm missing you and Korn in Vegas!! :-( I am going there anyway just in case there is some tickets...

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