New Album ‘Divisive’ Out Now! 

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Disturbed Divisive Album Art


2022-11-18 21:04:39
  • 11/18/2022

    Disturbed Ones! Disturbed’s eighth studio album Divisive is out now. Listen everywhere HERE

    Head to the Official Disturbed Shop HERE for exclusive, transparent red vinyl with an alternative album cover, standard black vinyl, CDs, plus Divisive t-shirts & accessories. 

    The band has also partnered with Walmart, REVOLVER Magazine, and independent record stores, with each retailer offering their own Divisive vinyl color. Shop all retailers HERE

    Partisan tribal warfare has become a part of our regular existence nowadays. It’s one big battle of the cliques. The whole idea of the record is to be a wakeup call for everyone. Our society has become addicted to outrage. Music is the best cure for what ails us though. If only everyone reached out and used it. There’s no better environment to forget about all of this shit than live music. We can be together and realize we have more in common than not. Recognize what’s happening and let’s make a change for the better.

    1. Hey You 
    2. Bad Man 
    3. Divisive 
    4. Unstoppable 
    5. Love to Hate 
    6. Feeding the Fire 
    7. Don’t Tell Me (featuring Ann Wilson) 
    8. Take Back Your Life 
    9. Part of Me 
    10. Won’t Back Down 

    Disturbed Divisive Album Art

    Disturbed Divisive Merch

    Disturbed is also pleased to share the official video for their latest single “Bad Man” off of Divisive. Listen to the song everywhere now HERE & watch the video HERE or below. 

    Working with Midjourney, director Tristan Holmes created the video over a 30-day period entering prompts, using AI image generation of more than 10,000 frames, and creating frames to link the video together.