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"Sound of Silence" Music Video

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on December 7, 2015 - 9:07am

Our new music video for "The Sound Of Silence" is out now. Watch it below and download the song on iTunes HERE.


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Okay, took me a while but I found it! A place where I can praise the heck outta' these guys!! I'm a grandma and I've ALWAYS HATED REMAKES, or covers, as you kids call um'. BUT, this is the most awesome, artistic, beautiful, goose bump producing thing I've seen/heard, maybe ever. What a fantastic talent!! From the video to the music to that voice! I showed my boyfriend, who's in his 60's, same, totally impressed. He recently wrote a letter to the editor of the La Crosse Tribune, in La Crosse, Wi. and it was published today, 2/18/16 " “Silence Like a Cancer Grows”

My old Webster’s defines demagogue as, “one skilled in arousing the prejudices and passions of the populace by rhetoric, sensational charges, specious arguments, etc.” America’s past boasts no shortage of this political genre; Senator Joe McCarthy, former Alabama Governor George Wallace, and even partial term Governor Sarah Palin.
The latest and most shameful example is GOP candidate for President, Donald Trump. He panders to the ugly white underbelly of America with calls for enhanced waterboarding, forced central registration of all Muslim Americans, and the promise of a wall on our southern border to keep out the rapists and murderers.
Some people fall victim to his fear mongering and blatantly racist speech. They smirk knowingly that he is “telling it like it is” and expect that us “weak” liberals will be too embarrassed by his candor or otherwise too shocked to debate. We will remain silent to his attacks on Constitutional law, gender equality, race, religion, and common sense.
In 1963, singer/songwriter Paul Simon wrote a timeless reproach to political apathy, “The Sound of Silence”. Simon and Garfunkel’s original release of this great protest song was a wake-up call to my generation. Fast forward to 2015; the heavy metal band Disturbed records a shockingly powerful remake of “The Sound of Silence.” Get out your gadget

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Sorry, got too long, here's the end of the letter to the editor, " "Get out your gadget and Google it up. Listen carefully to this song, either version.
Shake off your apathy. Lose your reticence and get engaged. Do not allow Donald Trump’s version of a future America to go unchallenged."

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Hello, I still hope for Disturbed only show in Europe, not just festivals. In a festival we get around half an hour, compared to 2 hours or more for a show. Plus, festivals aren't for everyone

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